Welcome to Winter Sun Farms

We're your source for fresh frozen local produce in winter. Click on your location to get started.

Winter Sun Farms partners with local farms to supply great tasting frozen and preserved vegetables and fruit all winter long. When you see the Winter Sun Farms name you know it has been grown locally. How do you know?

It's simple...The name of the farm goes right on the label.

The primary goal of Winter Sun Farms is to work with small local farms and to distribute our food through membership in a winter CSA (Community Supported Agricultural) program. Members pay in advance for "winter shares" which means they will receive monthly shares of produce throughout the winter. By supporting Winter Sun Farms, members get great tasting food which helps keeps local farm families doing what they love, and what our communities need--preserving farmland and livelihoods for generations.

In order to produce more food from farms around the country, we will be fostering the growth of Winter Sun Farms in communities from coast to coast.

For more information about creating a Winter Sun Farms in your area contact:
Jim Hyland, President Winter Sun Farms, Hudson Valley
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